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Platinum Switch Rod 8wt 11'0"

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The 11’ 8 wt Platinum switch can easily be considered a short Spey rod that is light enough to single hand cast, or nymph all day long. This rod is just about as fun as it gets with a two hand rod, possessing the power of most Spey rods and lightness and feel in hand of a single hand rod.

The 11′ 8wt Switch rod is the big brother to our 10’8” 7 also featuring a deep loading, slightly regressed action and a fast recovery. This rod is easy to make friends with and is going to be the one you can call on for all Steelhead/light Salmon duty and crosses over into winter fishing on all medium to larger rivers. This rod like most of our Platinum two-handed rods compliments and rewards a compact and relaxed casting stroke where less is more!

Length: 11′ Weight: 5.6 oz rear grip: 3 3/4″ forward grip:11 1/2″

Use of rod: 
Spey casting Scandinavian shooting heads and compact Skagits and swinging flies for steelhead. Excellent for nymphing from a boat or wading. Great for two or one hand overhead casting distance.

Medium , fast recovery

Platinum Switch Rod Series 11′ 8wt. 4 Piece
Comes with sock, cordura tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty conditions)

Fly line recommendations:

Overhead Line: Cortland Precision Platinum Salmon 9 or 10 wt. , SA Mastery Steelhead 9 or 10wt