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Platinum G2 12'0" 5WT

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Variety, they say, is the spice of life. To go trout fishing and have a variety of techniques available can only enrich the experience. Whether trout are sipping dries off the surface in clear water, or brooding in the depths in high cold water, all are opportunities to try a different technique to catch fish.

Swinging flies for trout can be as fun as it is effective. There is no better way to cover water and prospect for fish than Spey casting and swinging flies.

Trout Spey rods are nothing new to the Beulah line up. Beulah has had a dedicated spey trout rod since the launch of the classic 4/5 in 2005. We have continued to refine two handed rods for trout, offering both trout spey rods as well as switch rods, and larger spey offerings. The Graphene 12’ trout speys are the leading edge of trout spey technology. The new Graphene carbon material allows you to produce extremely light and fun 12 ‘ spey rods where you do not have to re learn a casting style to accommodate the rod. The Beulah 3,4,5 wt trout spey rods match the flex and casting stroke of their big brother steelhead and salmon spey rods. Add another skill to your trout game and have a swing at it!