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Discounted: Ohyx Spey 14'0" 8WT

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Big Rivers and Big Fish often call for BIG tackle. The Beulah Onyx Spey Rod 14’0″ 8wt. was built for covering the waters of  large classic gravel bar rivers. Distance, mending, and slowing your fly are key. We went a step farther and gave this rod extra power in the bottom end for the ability to handle the powerful fish you’ll be chasing with this spey rod. Beulah Onyx Spey rods are constructed using state of the art IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin and a blend of high modulus IM8 graphite, and come detailed with a refined custom look including maple burl reel seat, four-color thread wraps, and select Portuguese cork/cork burls. For all detailed technical information, click here.

Use of rod: Fishing variety of lines for Chinook, Atlantic Salmon, Silver Salmon and Steelhead.

Action: Slightly regressed Traditional “Spey” action/ fast recovery