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Discounted: Aero Head Lines (Red)

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These are the old-style red Aero Head lines.



The Beulah Aero Head is our Mid Length Spey Style Shooting Head. Designed for use as a dry line with skating/surface flies, traditional hair wing, spey flies with the ability for light sinking Poly Leaders on spey length (12') and longer) two-handed rods.

  • Available as head only w/o integrated front loop for cleanest loop formation and positive turn over at all distances
  • Condensed rear taper keeps the angler in contact at all times with our Spey Mid Length Aero Head
  • Line I.D. laser printed on front tip of head for quick reference
  • Excellent taper design to carry tight loops long distances to cover medium to large waterways
  • Brightly colored head for visibility to control/slow the line at long distances and low light situations
  • Best used w/ 30lb butt section off the terminal end of the Beulah Aero Head